Join us on our unique half-day adventure hiking tours on the south slopes of Marjan Hill, around Split or at Mosor Hill. Together with our guides, you will hike through cool pine woods, rest in the shade of medieval churches, visit forgotten border villages outside of Split, and enjoy meditative Mediterranean atmosphere where ever we go!

Check out the tours which require medium physical effort but give maximum rewards!

Our day trips:

Marjan Hill Hike & Beach Tour –  Join us for a morning hike on Marjan. Hike throough its cool pine woods and rest in the shade of medieval churches. Relaxing on one of the beaches is a perfect end to this trip.

Split Sunset Hike – To end your day, take an easy hike and see an unforgettable sunset from the highest point of Split. Explore Marjan Hill, learn a little bit of Split history and enjoy the views of the city and the surrounding area.

Lickety Split! – this short walking tour will take you to Marjan Hill where you can unwind in pine shade, let fragrant plants please your senses and enjoy an amazing view of Split. You will visit the oldest neighborhood in Split and learn a little about the history and life in Varoš.

Hike back in time – escape the city and enjoy an amazing hike through forgotten border villages that divided the great Turkish and Venetian empires on the eastern side of Split. A unique half-day adventure that requires medium physical effort but gives maximum rewards!



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