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Island of Vis

45 km from the mainland and port of Split lies the island of Vis.  Its 90,3 km2 and 77 km of coastline are situated between island Hvar on the north and Italy on the south with many tiny islets just off the coast of Vis.

The climat on the island is Mediteranian, but being this far from the mainland makes Vis a bit warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer than the rest of Middle Dalmatian islands, with an annual average temperature of 16 0C.

It`s strategic military importance in former Yugoslavija caused Vis to be off limits for all foreigners, and with government lifting a ban in 1989. island started to develop economically, but still managed to preserve unspoiled nature and keep some of its mystery charm.

Todays Vis is tipical Dalmatian island with picturesqe fishermans villages on the coast and the inland covered in vineyards, bursting with vegetation and wildife, it`s surrounding providing manny opportunities for an exciting vacation – with a touch of  mistery.