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Great guide!”

This was a casual kayaking trip around Marjan Hill Peninsula which lasted about 4 hours. My husband and I wanted to see the sea side of Split and explore sea life but are not big fans of beaches, which is why we chose kayaks. This turned out to be great activity during the day. We definitely enjoyed the scenery and the sun. Also, Anamarija was a great guide, teaching us not only how to paddle but also giving us great recomendations about what to do in Split for next few days.

– Nicole, Colorado, USA (May, 2014)


Relaxing fun!”

Since we are Americans, on the first day in Croatia we decided to find something which would help us to skip our jetlag, and in search for some ‘sports’ we decided to do a half-day kayak tour. It was great experience! The tour had only five “paddlers” including us and the tour guide. We never had any dangerous situation, it was just relaxing fun to paddle around beautiful Marjan peninsula.

– Mark, New York , USA (May, 2014)


“Super satisfied!”

We went on a one-day sea kayaking around Split and the guide was really helpful in organizing our trip. He was kind, flexible and gave us a lot of useful advice concerning where to go, what to visit, even what local wines to try. We were super satisfied with his overall knowledge on everything. Kayaks were in perfect shape, the tour itself was interesting and fun.

– Adam, Italy, EU ( May, 2014) 

”Great fun!”

We had a great day with your team today.  The boat ride over and back was great fun and the kayaking was just beautiful, largely due to Pacho (sorry, I’m not sure about the spelling.)

-Patrick, England, UK (March, 2014)

“Real pleasure!”

We took our kayak tour to Čiovo and had a lovely day. Neither of us had been kayaking before but it’s a fairly easy paddle to the Čiovo, and guide was very nice and really patient teacher. It was nice to get out and do something little bit energetic in the nature, after which it was real pleasure to enjoy well earned snacks.

– Filip, Germany (August, 2013)


“Very good team!”

I have to say that when it comes to kayaking, I am probably the worst person to do it! I just kept going in circles and I am not able to paddle straight like normal people do. Lucky for me, we picked the right guide, with a huge sense of adjustment to those who are capable as I am! My wife left me though and went in front of us, while the guide helped me to stop embarrassing myself in front of the expert like she is. And he was so knowledgeable with what he does that he managed to teach even a person like me. My wife was specially satisfied since this was the first time for me to finish kayaking tour! Very good team, able to handle both experts and beginners while providing great tour, fun time and excellent sea view of the Split city! I would recommend to anyone!

– Adam, Netherlands (August, 2013)



One of the best!”

This was one of the best hiking tours I have taken in a foreign country. Not only did I enjoy spectacular view of the city and nature, but we were able to get so much historical knowledge from the guide. Thank you for that!!!

– Ana, Hungary (August, 2013) 


Amazing knowledge!”

Thanks for this adventure! I will remember this trip with fondness. The guide showed amazing knowledge of historical events and stories related to the city itself. Very interesting and highly enjoyable tour!

Steven, USA (July, 2013)


Great tour!”

If you are looking for a great tour to enjoy nature while doing workout at the same time, this is great opportunity you should not miss!

Mia, Italy (July, 2013)


Fantastic guide!”

Damir is a great person, motivated climber and a fantastic guide. He will definitely make your tour interesting and pleasant! He made sure I was climbing, and was more than helpful in guiding me since I was beginner.

– Igor, Ukraine (July, 2013)


Great experience”!

CroActive Holidays offers nice climbing tours with different levels of difficulty. Guides are very supportive and friendly and can help you improve your skills. Great experience I never tried before! We started climb on the beautiful spot on the Marjan hill, lead by the great guide who was not only concerned about the climb itself (but was highly careful when it comes to security and guiding beginners), but also took the time to introduce us to Split through conversation with us. He answered every question, and made climbing so interesting that we will continue our new hobby when we get back home to Austria.

Hans, Austria (June, 2013)


Great guide, fun people!”

Nice tracks for climbing, great guide, fun people and lovely nature. Best part of the trip to Croatia!

– Ivan, Luxemburg (June, 2013)


Free free!”

Since I am professional climber, climbing with no ropes, over the sea, was perfect chance for me to feel free while enjoying my skills. I never had this kind of experience, and even thou we had few beginners in the group, it was excited for all of us! Definitely recommend for free climb feeling!

– Viktor, Russia (May, 2013)



Wow! Most fun thing ever! I tried climbing few times before but this was something else. You can be sure that every time you make a move it has to be right one or you will end up in the sea. Which gives you that feeling of fear of falling in, but also satisfaction of cooling yourself after spending time on the hot Mediterranean sun.

– Lucy, Delaware, USA (May, 2013)




Great excitement!”

Fun and enjoyable ride experienced for the first time! Great excitement and enjoyable exercise!

– Maria, New Hampshire, USA (May, 2014)


“Having fun!”

Swimming, paddling, having fun…all in one. Great thing to try!

– Adam, Washington D.C., USA (May, 2014)


“Definitely do it again!”

We made a reservation on line ahead of time which was easier than do when we arrive to Croatia. Even though they just rent SUPs with no guides or organized tours, the person giving us SUPs took a time to explain and give his brief tutorial, we caught on very quickly and had so much fun. We will definitely do this again when we come back to Croatia.

– Stephanie, Ohio, USA (May, 2014)


“First time…fun!”

This was the first time that my husband and I tried this. Instructor offered by croActive Holidays had us up on the board in no time. It is really nice and fun to do something like this on the sea, especially if you are to sick of the snow you have back home!

-Nicole, Spain, EU ( September, 2013)


“New and exciting!”

We actually found SUP and croActive Holidays on TripAdvisor. All the arrangements were made online and communication with the office was perfect. My husband and I went along with our 17 year old son, and decided to do something all together. With guides’ clear instructions, easy going attitude and patience, we were up and paddling in no time. I would highly recommend SUP and this team to anyone willing to try something new and exciting!

-Patrick, England, UK (August, 2013)


Easy and enjoyable!”

Entire croActive team was professional and had everything ready to go when we arrived. They made our SUP experience in Croatia so easy and enjoyable. They also had good advice for other thing to do and places to visit while on the beautiful Island of Hvar.

– Even, Colorado, USA (August, 2013)




Our whole family (14 members, age 12 to 67) joined Split Biking Tour. And it was such a good decision! The views of the city and harbor were spectacular. Guide was so kind and encouraging, and completely tailored entire trip to meet the individual needs of our group. Big thanks to our guide!

– Ruben, Israel (April, 2014)


Experience perfect!”

CroActive Holidays team made our cycling experience perfect! We can not thank them enough for their excellent service and fantastic route tips along the beautiful Dalmatian coast and for the great climbs up to the hills over Omiš. Highly recommendable team – Cheers!

-Shelley, Michigan, USA (May, 2014)

Highly Recommended!”

My girl and I rented bikes from CroAdventure for our 1 week cycling adventures around the islands in front the Dalmatian Coast. The folks at the office went above and beyond in terms of answering all our trip questions (including questions about road conditions, areas of interest, questions about Croatia). The bikes also were in excellent shape and we had no issues with them (riding about 6-8 hours a day on gravel and paved roads). Highly recommend using the knowledgeable folks at CroAdventure Holidays! Definitely recommendable!

– Kevin, England, UK (May, 2014)



We have had a wonderful holiday – all your suggestions were perfect and we have enjoyed staying in a the hotels. Also we have been very impressed with the organisation and smooth arrangements! Thank you for everything we will certainly be recommending you to our friends!

Louise, England, UK (September, 2014) 


Definitely recommend!

Thank you so much for organising a wonderful holiday for us.  It was really successful and we enjoyed everything.  The arrangements you made for us were faultless and we would definitely recommend you to our friends and will be in touch if we are planning another trip to Croatia!

Fred, San Francisco, USA (August, 2013)


Awesome guides!

I just wanted to say thank you to you and your team for an amazing trip to Croatia.  My wife and I loved all the activities and that was in large part to your awesome guides Bruno and Daria.  Both Bruno and Daria made us feel right at home.  They did everything right.  I cant think of one thing I would have changed.  Also, Violet was super helpful getting things organized.  I have been meaning to write you sooner expressing my gratitude for an amazing trip.  When I get time I will write about my experience on TripAdvisor.


– Chris, Switzerland (July, 2013)


Best day in Croatia!

My wife Maya and I spent last Wednesday sailing with Bruno Hrvatin from Hvar to Split. We both agreed that this was the best day of our week-long trip to Croatia! We would like to thank you, and especially Bruno, for helping us create memories that we will enjoy for the rest of our lives. Despite the lack of good sailing winds that day, we really enjoyed spending the day at sea with Bruno. He was polite, professional, and a real pleasure travel with. Thanks again!


–  A.J., Los Angeles, USA (June, 2013)




Just to say thank you to Sacha and all involved in a wonderful 2 days sailing. The sights, the sailing, the caves, the food, the places were all amazing. We had such a good time, so thanks again.

– Graham, Switzerland (August, 2013)


Great experience!”

We came back from gorgeous Croatia few days ago and still can’t stop thinking about it. Sailing the Dalmatian coastline and exploring different town every day was amazing. Trogir known also as ‘little Venice’ was definitely the highlight of the tour with its beautiful architecture and venetian-like canals.Great experience!

– Irina, Russia (August, 2013)


Great time!”

Just got back from Croatia on Sunday and wanted to say thanks for organizing it for me. The trip was great, from the other passengers to the crew and especially the food on board. I would definitely recommend the trip to friends. I had a great time, I was very proud of myself I actually jumped off the boat, which considering I hate water and swimming was a first for me! I even have a photo to prove it.

– Gordon, Florida, USA (July, 2013)


“So relaxing!”

I wanted to let you know that me and my girlfriend had a great time it Croatia last month. This holiday was just what we needed – to get away from the city, chill out on the white beaches and swim in the blue sea… so relaxing!

– Tamas, Hungary (June, 2013) 


Worth every dime!”

We made the reservations online based on reviews we found on our friends’ FB page! The agency called to confirm the time and was very helpful in terms of answering every little detail, and explaining to us how to get to the office and to the port. Everything was very well organized, boat was in a perfect shape, captain was really cool and fun and gave us experience we could only hope for. We took the One day Sailing tour to Island Brač, had few great sailing hours, great lunch, and enough time to snorkel, swim and sunbathe in one of the thousands beautiful bays. I even got the chance to drive a boat a little while, which I can confirm with set of great photos on my phone made by the captain! I would recommend to anyone who haven’t tried it, it’s worth every dime!

– Ito, France (June, 2013)


Best time of the week!”

Very professional and fun team, from the office people to the skipper driving our boat. Not only did we enjoy our trip and sea, but we also learned a lot about sailing and are itself. Beautiful sights, great pictures (Croatia is like one big postcard!!!) and best time of the week spend in Croatia thanks to the croActive Holidays team!!

– Maria, Portugal (June, 2013)


”Excellent program!”

We participated in one 1/2 day and one full day sailing from Hvar this month, and we would like to thank you all for a excellent program and trip. For our teenager, who is engaged in sailing also at home, this was a great experience. We would especially give thanks to the skipper Luke for being a excellent master of the ship, guide and host. Also a thanks to the office in Hvar for helping us with booking of tickets for the catamaran to Split.

It was our first trip to Croatia and Hvar, and we would all love to come back some time – also to participate in more sailing activities!

– Ellen, England, UK (September, 2013)


I wanted to thank you so much for coordinating and delivering such a lovely tour. Without a doubt one of the best we’ve taken anywhere. Thank you for all of the information and emails. We are planning on writing a positive review on TripAdvisor and would be happy to provide any additional endorsements if you’d lime them.

Thank you again for everything and we’ll be sure to tell everyone we can about Croatia, Hvar, and especially your tour.

– Mike, New York, USA (June, 2013)


”Wonderful time!”

Just a short note to thank you for all the planning that went into our sailing holiday.  We had a wonderful time.  The yacht was exactly as I expected, but the service and attention to detail was well beyond expectation.  The beautiful marinas and their facilities were quite a surprise.  The scenery and places we visited were exquisite.   Having Mladen as our skipper was the biggest “plus”.  He was so helpful and thoughtful.  He allowed us to do what we wanted, but was always aware of the difficulties we might encounter and offered realistic alternatives.  This led to an exciting and really memorable holiday.

Thank you also for your help, especially being so prompt with your emails and with such helpful information to make our trip come to fruition.  Also thanks for your help in retuning out hire car!

We will spend a little more time in Croatia, up to the Plitvice lakes, to Zagreb. Terry and I will then fly to Lisbon in Portugal and then up to the Netherlands to visit our youngest son who has lived and worked there for 5 years.

Again thank you so much for all that you did for us.

– Alwyn Williams, Perth, Australia (June, 2013) 


”Loved it all!”

It was a great trip in every respect!!! Loved it all-and  Mijo was so great to be with- (he also now has 4 new girlfriends!!) ;-)) Thanks again and hope we can come see you again- Or at least return the favor and show you parts of the US if you get over here. Great trip – we’ll be back next year!

– Arne, USA ( May, 2013)