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Flying over Hvar at 3000 meters and jumping out for a freefall—skydiving heaven! It’s the one sport that everyone agrees is by far one of the most satisfying feelings a human can experience.  An amazing adrenalline rush combined with a great feeling of pleasure. Imagine the sea, mountains, Hvar island and the fabulous coast as you sail through the sky!!



The adventure begins with a short ground preparation where your instructor will provide you with the information about the jump.  You will go over the proper safety techniques for exiting the aircraft, positioning your body in freefall and controlling the parachute descent.  Then it’s time for you to put on a special skydiving jumpsuit, a para helment, board the plane with your instructor and enjoy the panoramic flight while climbing to around 3000 meters.

Price per person: 1817 kn (239 EUR)
Aditional costs: Transportation from Split to the skydiving base (ferry ticket + shuttle on Hvar)
Transfer from Split to Hvar and back: 403 kn (53 EUR)
Video of your jump by the instructor: 456 kn (60 EUR)
Professional camerman shooting your jump: 608 kn (80 EUR)
When: Every day 10am – 19pm
Duration:  one and a half hour for one or two people + traveling to Hvar and back
Price includes: preparation, skydiving equipment, skydive
Min:  1
Max:  10
What to bring: comfortable sport shoes,  not sandals, comfortable clothes
What’s extra: gratuities to guide.
Tour type: adrenalin
Activity level: Light – Moderate


Booking:  For booking or additional information, contact us at