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Multiday rock climbing


Climbing is…well, there aren’t probably two climbers in the world who would come up with the same answer. It all started as a leisure activity for some or sometimes necessity for others. Climbing itself preserves a sort of purity of movement and is in a sense a metaphor of human desire and need to constantly go higher. But even on a basic level it is a skill that may come handy when mountaineering (on a steep terrain) or even in everyday life.

Not many people know that Marjan – protected forest park in Split hosted back in 1986. one of the first climbing competitions ever, while they were still held on natural walls, which reveals our tradition of this sport in the area.

Our multiday sessions whether suited for beginners or those who wish to upgrade their skills take place outdoors in different spots in Dalmatia. „Our“, mostly limestone routs are set along the Dalmatian coast and on the islands too. May be better not to write too much how beautiful climbing there can be. Come and see.

Rock and Roll School – Don’t be the only one among your friends who cannot climb! Put yourself in expert hands of our instructors and learn to climb. For your first climb, we will reward you with wine tasting and Dalmatian delicacies.

Lead Climbing Course – Join us on this 7-day course.We will go to different climbing sites and experience various aspects of the sport helping you gradually acquire practical climbing and belaying skills, build your self-confidence when lead climbing/belaying, and give you many useful tips that will enable you  to start leading routes on your own. We are waiting! Let us start this adventure!


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