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Lead Climbing Course


This 7-day course is intended for those with already some, mainly top-roping climbing experience. It comprises lead climbing sports (bolted) routes, via ferrata, DWS, (self) belaying, abseiling and other roping techniques necessary for safety and building self-confidence on the rock. Over the course of 7 days we will go to different climbing sites and experience various aspects of the sport helping you gradually acquire practical climbing and belaying skills, build your self-confidence when lead climbing/belaying, and give you many useful tips so that you become able to go leading routes on your own.

The course takes place in Split and the area. Every day we climb between three and six hours after which we discuss our day on the rock analyzing strong and weak points and make arrangements for the next day.

We may have a rest day if needed.

It is important to understand that climbing is „serious fun“ and should be taken as such. There are many types and variations of climbing in the world today and anyone interested in it can discover the right one whether with purely recreational aim or more challenge-orientated. The process, (always keeping in mind safety), goes step by step gradually unwrapping redundant layers around the unique mechanism of our body. While learning different skills and pushing yourself to exploring your personal limitations and qualities it gives you the opportunity to grow within yourself, to awake and develop the strength, endurance and instincts that come useful even in everyday life.

After the course you are expected to be able to decide who with, where and when to go climbing even to a climbing site where you’ve never been before. You will know how to approach any new area, what sort of information you need, how to find it out and eventually tell if some routes are suitable for you at your current climbing level or not. Moreover, should you choose to continue, you will have clear ideas as how to enjoy it better and feel as safe as possible at the same time.

Lead climbing is more complex than top-roping but it offers more possibilities which go along with the responsibility it implies. Once you have learned the basics you become independent climbers who are able to go to many beautiful climbing spots all around the world. And the more you practice the better you become, more complete climbers who don’t just think about grades but are constantly improving climbing and belaying skills.

Program Overview: 

DAY 1  Split;  welcome drink, meeting your guide (and other participants)

DAY 2  Split; top-roping, introduction to lead climbing

DAY 3  Split; belaying and rope techniques, anchors, abseiling, DWS

DAY 4  Omiš; lead climbing

DAY 5  Omiš; lead climbing

DAY 6  Hiking to Mosor mountain and climbing Via feratta

DAY 7  Malačka (Kozjak mountain); lead climbing

DAY 8  Split; lead climbing

Croactive holidays provides guides, all climbing gear and transfers for climbing days.

If needed we can alter our schedule and spend more time practicing some techniques. In case of rain or bad weather we will go to indoor climbing gym.

What to bring:

  • If you have your personal climbing shoes
  • Hiking shoes and sandals like Tevas
  • Clothes suitable for climbing; fast drying underwear, shirts and shorts/pants (covering your knees) you don’t mind rubbing against the rock, swimming suit
  • Depending on the season you might need a lightweight rain jacjet like Goretex and a fleece

If you have any health issues you are aware of, you should report them to us beforehand so we can tell you whether this course is suitable for you.
Furthermore you should tell us your age, height, weight and shoe size.
Please don’t forget to mention any previous climbing experience.
We are here for any questions you might have so feel free to ask us anything concerning the course and if there is anything we can help about your time in Croatia we’ll be happy to assist, reccomend and such.

Last but not least…

Since rock climbing in its nature implies certain hazards it is important to state that our guide has right to exclude from the course any individual acting carelessly and/or putting in danger any of the participants of the course.
We reserve the right to change the itinerary due to weather or other unforeseen conditions.


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