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If you percieve the Adriatic sea with its scattered islands as a „European Polinesia“ than Korčula too perhaps could be paralleled to some archipelago in the south Pacific. This is not to be taken literally because of the Mediterranean and not tropical climate among other things but the fact is that Korčula is a beautiful island of rich and particular history and imbued with myths originating even before written history. It streches in the east-west direction for 47 kilometres and is separated from the mainland, that is the Pelješac peninsula by a narrow strait. The south side is exposed to open sea, its winds and influences with a view to more remote Adriatic islands. A group of wooded islets in crystal water between the towns of Korčula, Lumbarda and  Orebić in Pelješac is one of the reasons why those who discover it for the first time wish to come back. The mountain of Sveti Ilija raising to almost 1000 metres, just across the strait, resembles an ancient giant turned into stone to guard the whole area. The inland of the island hides olive groves and vineyards that hard working hands every year transform into supreme products of oil and wines, trails wind through woods of pine and holm oak trees, (therefore Latin name Corcyra Nigra or Black Korčula), valleys and fields that when in bloom, seems like a wonderland of nature charged with saturated and vivid colours, flavours and most distinctive fragrances of aromatic herbs.

People have inhabitated the island since the stone age period and later came Illyrians, then Greek colonists, Roman conqests, Venetians…they all left some evidence of their past influence in areas of architecture, arts, religion, agriculture and culture. We just add a bit of adventure to it.


Gastro bike tour Korčula – This tour will eneble you to enjoy nature. It is a perfect mix of culture and nature. It takes you for a swimm to beatiful beaches and presents you with a gorgeus view of vineyards and olive groves. To finish up, there is winetasting and eating local delicacies.

Korčula sailing experience – An unforgettable sailing experience brought to you by Vipera, small boat built according to the old design of Tofinou 7 from the 1920s, the boat was given modern features and materials perfectly matching her classic line. It resulted in an outstanding look and performances and thus made her a sesnitive mix of traditional and modern. Boasting mahogany cabin tops, full teak decks and a carbon mast, she is a sure head turner on every waterway she visits.hi Choose whether you prefer a half-day or a full-day trip or a romantic sunset. We promise stunning photos and exciting sailing around Korčula, Orebić and Lumbarda.

Hike to Fairies`spring – Experience an amazing hike which begins and ends in Korčula. Get to know the charms of the village of Žrnovo, one of the island’s oldest settlements. Enjoy the view of small houses and churches built in a variety of architectural styles. The trail leads you to the magical place of Kočje where you will be dazzled by incredible nature and surrounded by holm oak, fern and aromatic herbs.

Lumbarda wine – yards hike – This special hike will show you charms of a small fisherman’s village, Lumbarda. It is unique in the world thanks to its grape vine, Grk, which dates back to the Greek era. The hike takes us through old dirt roads and paths. A magnificent view of St. Ilija and Pelješac peninsula, paths leading through vineyards and olive groves all surrounded by fragrant herbs will take your breath away. Wrap up this trip at Mr Bire’s. Mr Bire is one of the best winemakers of Grk.

St. Ilija hike –  One of the most beautiful views of the island of Korčula is from the peak of St. Ilija. For true hiking and nature lovers we offer a program of pure hedonism. Enter the mysterious world of the mountain and you will be mesmerized by the high plains, green and fertile fields of sage and myrtle, black pines and bare rocks. If you are fortunate, you may get to see mountain goats, wild horse and birds of prey.




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