Hiking High & Low


  • Visit to Klis – the glorious fortress that for centuries was the mainland gate of Split
  • Learning about the turbulent history of the area
  • Splendid panoramic views
  • Visit to the great underground world of Vranjaca cave equipped with steps, rope handrails, walkways and lighting.

High above Split, in between the mountains of Kozjak and Mosor, there stands the Klis fortress which historically has served as the gateway to inland Dalmatia and the guardian of the area where today are the towns of Split, Solin and Kaštela, all founded on ancient settlements. The time has come to admire the forgotten architects who designed the walls of Klis to withstand any attacks, (where by the way some of the most memorable scenes of the Game of Thrones were recently filmed). Last but not least let us not ignore the majestic views over Split and the islands…

From its origin as a small stronghold built by the ancient Illyrian tribe Dalmatae, it became a royal castle that was the seat of many Croatian kings to its final major role as an important stronghold during the Ottoman wars in Europe. It took the Turks a quarter of a century to capture Klis (although its walls had in reality never been breached), and once they did so – in 1537 – it formed de facto the border between Ottoman-controlled Dalmatia and the territory (including Split) under Venetian control. It was military significant even during the Second World War after which it falls into oblivion and is only revaluated more recently with growing interest for both glorious past and tourism.

After our visit to Klis fortress, we will continue to the impressive Vranjaca cave equipped with steps, rope handrails, walkways and lighting. Created by an underground river its chambers are home to endless sculptures of nature patiently shaped over eons of time. Humans came later – archaeological findings reveal people inhabited the cave in the Neolithic and we can partly reconstruct the way they lived but only imagine what it was really like living in perfect silence. Whether then or now when we walk through it we must admire both them and this magnificient cave they once called home. Vranjača was “rediscovered” in 1903, it is 65m deep, about 360m long and is at a constant temperature of 15ºC all year round offering cool respite from the summer heat thus being perfect combination with Klis to enjoy the highs and lows of tourist attractions on the edge of Split.

Price: 90 euro per person
Duration: 5 hours
Price includes: guide, transportation, entrance tickets, refreshment
Min:  2
Max:  10
What to bring: Comfortable clothes, comfortable walking shoes, if possible closed shoes, not sandals, water bottle
What’s extra: gratuities to guide.
Tour type: walking, hiking, youth and family, nature & wildlife, cultural
Activity level: Light
Disabilities friendly: Please consult us for further details
Kid friendly: Yes – but please let us know in advance.


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