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Kayaking in Trogir



It is not very often that you have chance to circum navigate in a kayak a town on the UNESCO list of the World Cultural Heritage. Just before it there is one of the last Mediterranean swamps – preserve abundant with birds and fish species, that allows you to explore it gently kayaking through its canals.

Right across there is an island with numerous pebble beaches, and it is beautiful to grab a tasty lunch and a glass of good wine somewhere along the way. We will paddle in our expedition sit-in sea kayaks (only one way) in protected bay, and have boat transfer the other way. It is rare that such pleasant trip connects TWO towns on the UNESCO list of the World Cultural Heritage. And it is wonderful to organize and propose this trip, for others to share beauty with us!

We will get our kayaks ready, make sure we’ve brought enough water and snacks and set out to Čiovo island. We stop there, either for coffee or swim, or both, and continue along the island and at a certain point we cross the channel to enter a forgotten world of Pantana swamp. Unlike famous and huge Brazilian swamp area known as Pantanal this one is tiny but precious home or a stopover of many bird and fish species. Its canals are ideal for slow cruising in a kayak while the outside world cease to exist…at least for some time…and then there’s a renovated old mill built and fortified by Venice in the 15th century in a renaissance style. We land there, relax over lunch, have a glass of wine, and proceed to Trogir, already mentioned as being on UNESCO list.

Curious thing about it is that its historic part is really a little island connected to both mainland and bigger island of Čiovo by bridges and therefore navigable all around – but only in a small vessel such as kayak. We almost squeeze through under an old stone bridge just above the water, ride the narrow canal with boats, stands, shops, restaurants, bars, people on both sides, into the main channel past the Venetian fort, the promenade, and finally get to our boat to load the kayaks on it and start our way back to Split.

Another interesting feature of this trip is that it’s designed to kayak in favourable conditions so if, according to the forecast strong wind is going to blow from unwanted/opposite direction we can turn the trip around and first go to Trogir by boat transfer and then start kayaking via Pantana, Čiovo to end our trip in Split, in which case we probably make lunch stop in Čiovo.

P.S. make sure you don’t forget the camera.

Tour price: 720  kn per person (98 euro per person)
Route: Split- Čiovo island – Pantana swamp – Trogir
Price includes: Sea kayak and paddle, life jacket, dry bag, spray skirt, snorkeling equipment, guide, introduction in paddling techniques and safety, transportation.
Min: 4
Max: We can take groups of up to 15 kayaks.
Meeting point: We will meet in front of St. Francis church (Sveti Frane), Trg Franje Tuđmana 1, 21000, Split
Meeting time:  9.30am
This tour can also be arranged at a time that is convenient for you, so please tell us what your unique requirements are and we will be happy to get back to you with the particulars and our price.
Duration: 6-8h
Distance padled: 9 NM
What to bring: Sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, long sleeve (Lycra if you have it, cotton if you don’t) shirt, quick drying sports shoes, swimming gear, bottled water, towel and snacks.
What’s extra: Gratuities to the guide/skipper.
Tour type: Sea kayaking, nature & wildlife
Activity level: Medium physical exercise
Disabilities friendly: Please consult us for further details.
Kid friendly: Yes – But please let us know in advance.


Booking:  For booking or additonal information, contact us at