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Journey to the hidden pearl


  • Visit the cities on the UNESCO list
  • Learn about rich history of Dalmatia
  • Enjoy untouched nature
  • Taste exceptional food and wines
  • Relax on some of the most beautiful beaches



Day 1              Split – Korčula

Welcome to Split!!!
We have organised breakfast and a briefing meeting at 8:am in Paradigme so  we can present you all the information about your journey. After the briefing you will be going to the  kayak route on beach Bene. Route starts at 10 am and will finish  at  1:00 pm.

Your next destination is the island of Korcula. Your departure to the island is at 4 pm by ferry.
During your free time, between kayak route and ferry, we suggest you have a light lunch or a coffee at the Riva. Your arrival to the Korcula is planned for around 6:25 pm.

Korcula is a historic fortified town on the protected east coast of the island of Korčula. It  was very
early populated; even before Greek times and evidences can be seen on your ride! During the history it was chosen by Venetians as a spot to build their important walled city on the northern shores of the island.  Its popular name is ‘Little Dubrovnik’, as a wonderfully romantic promenade runs through the town by the city walls and is teeming with lively cafes. Korčula town is also claimed to be the birth place of Marco Polo.

On the arrival, please check in at your hotel and then you will  have a free night to explore the city.
We recommend that  you dinner in the restaurant.
Our suggestion is  that you visit: Tower of All Saints, Revelin Tower, The Memorial Square, Saint Anthony Church, Dominican Monastery, Saint Mark’s Cathedral, Town Hall Atrium, Maksimilijan Vanka Gallery, Saint Mark’s Square. We also recommended that you taste the traditional food; like homemade gnocchi, homemade macaroni,  pasticada and of course a glass of white wine, because Korčula is very famous for  its white wines – Pošip, Rukatac  and Grk.

Accommodation: Hotel in Korčula
Meals:  breakfast
Activity: sea kayaking, walking route


Day 2              Korčula – Lumbarda – Lastovo

Lumbarda is a small fisherman village and it is situated about 5 km from Korčula old town and it is built around a small bay and on the hills behind it. Lumbarda is surrounded by large sand vineyards. From the 3rd century B.C. until our days, Lumbarda holds firmly it’s precious wines. Mainly grown from sandy soil  in the heart of the village, surrounded by the sea from north and south and exposed to more than  2700 hours of sun throughout the year (avg 7,4hrs/day), GRK (white wine) and Plavac Mali (red wine) , both embraced this unique region and it’s particular conditions.
After the  breakfast, you will go on the walking route from Korcula to Lumbarda.
This route will last for about few hours.

You  will visit one of the best winemakers in the area  Mr. Bire and will taste Grk and enjoy it in  beautiful  vineyards, unique in the world.  After the wine tasting you have organised the transfer to take you to Vela Luka where we will be boarding a ferry to Lastovo Island at around 5 pm. You will have some free time until the boarding which you can use to wonder around, have a snack or a coffee.

Arrival to Lastovo (Ubli) is anticipated at 6:00pm. You have organised transport to your hotel.
We suggest  that you use free time before the  diner to explore Lastovo and we highly recommend that you visit Konoba Bacvara at the centre of the village  for your dining experience.
Next door to Konoba is located an old family business of Mrs Darinka ,where you will taste delicious organic fruit  specific to the Island of Lastovo, including candied Oranges  and Lemons, figs in prosecco etc.

Accommodation: Hotel Solitudo
Meals: breakfast, wine tasting, sampling of traditional products
Activity: walking routes


Day 3              Lastovo

The island of Lastovo is a member of south Dalmatian islands and the most distant inhabited island. Magical 46. A lot of things on Lastovo are magical: there are 46 fields, 46 churches, there are 46km2 of the island. Lastovo preserves beautiful family houses from the 15th and 16th century. They are decorated with cylindrical chimneys that the locals call “fumari” and with high broad terraces “Lastovski sulari” which have become a trademark of Lastovo.
After breakfast, explore this paradise on your own time. Connect with unspoiled nature and let this island cast its sweet spell on you. Enjoy the world of unique flora and fauna. Take long walks. Hike, sail or bike around the island. And wrap up your day with delicacies right out of the crystal clear, gorgeously azure sea.

Accommodation: Hotel Solitudo
Meals: breakfast
Activity: create your day


Day 4              Hvar

Early start and an organised transfer  to catamaran, that leaves at 4:30am from  Lastovo. We should arrive to the island of Hvar at around 6:30 am, check in at a hotel, have a breakfast  and some free time until 5:00pm when you have organised transfer for wine tasting route. Our suggestion is that you use your free time to explore the town, to have a dinner at the restaurant etc.

Accommodation: Hotel in Hvar
Meals: breakfast, wine tasting
Activity: walking route


Day 5              Hvar – Split

After the breakfast, at 10:00 am departure for the kayak route to Pakleni Otoci, where we would stay until 2:30 pm. In this tour we included a light lunch. At 5:00 pm we have a ferry for Split. We have an organised transport to take us to Starigrad where we board the ferry for Split. You will arrive to Split at around 7:00pm. You will check in a hotel in Split and you will  have a free night to explore this wonderful city.

Accommodation: Hotel in Split
Meals: breakfast
Activity: sea kayaking, walking route


Day 6              Split / Departure

After the breakfast, our adventure is coming to an end.

Accommodation: N/A (non applicable)
Meals: breakfast
Activity: none


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