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Drvenik Veli and Drvenik Mali

Drvenik Veli is one of the Middle Dalmatian islands, located in between mainland and island of Solta, only 28 km from Split port.

This is a sparsely populated island. Its 12 km2 are covered in low bushes of aromatic herbs and its 24 km of coastline famouse for sand and pebble beaches, with many coves and bays.

Surrounded with uninhabited islets of Krknjasi, Orud and Macaknar it provides an atmosphere of long lost piece of Eden.

Two kilometars to the South, across Drvenicka vrata Channel lies Drvenik Mali. This tiny island, only 3,43 km2, is famouse for having no paved roads and it is not alowed to use cars on the island.

With population of 60 people living on it, this sparsely inhabited island is famous for its olive growes and delicious carob, clear waters and unspoiled nature.

Together with Drvenik Veli and surrounding islets makes a perfect playground for all nature lovers seeking an adventure out there on the water!


So you can truly enjoy our beautiful islands of Dvenik Veli and Mali we have prepared daily tours:

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