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Split Day Trips


„what a difference a day made, 24 little hours…“, goes an old popular song originally written in Spanish back in 1934 by Maria Grever…

Built and developed around the Diocletian’s palace, Split has become a true Mediterranean city taking Roman architecture as its starting point into a complex history ever since. Situated right where different influences and cultures have met for thousands of years, thus shaping local lifestyle and mentality, it offers a vast array of ways and reasons to get to know it better.

And in our case it’s about spending very enjoyable moments by means of outdoor activities and accompanied with skillful guides (who even like what they are doing-)). Having fun while doing what you like or you’re just curious about, whether you’re experienced or a beginner, why not? Trying adventure sports like sea kayaking, hiking, rock climbing, cycling, sailing, zipline, stand up paddling, something you perhaps never had a chance before, why not? Get a chance to see this beautiful city/area in new perspective and under a different light, why not? Or simply find out more about our cultural and historical background over a delighting culinary expirience and wine tasting, again, wine not?

All tours start from Split.


Check our tours on following links:

Sea kayaking adventures – Let yourself be carried away by this kayaking adventure. Choose one of our programs and have an unforgettable experience, surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty, sea and gorgeous beaches.

Split Vibrations – We invite you to Split Vibrations Tour. This is the kind of sightseeing that you otherwise probably don’t do. Learn something about the city history, culture and sports. Enjoy the beautiful nature of Marjan park forest, exciting sea kayaking, swimming and snorkeling. Feel the vibes of Split!

Walking-hiking-trekking – Get to know Split and its surroundings in a slightly different way. Together with our guides learn a little bit of history, enjoy the fragrant smell of pine woods and Mediterranean plants, relax in the shade of medieval churches and visit forgotten border villages outside of Split.

Klis Fortress & Vranjača cave – Klis & Vranjača – a great tour to enjoy a stunning view between two mountains: Kozjak and Mosor. Wander into times long past and be captivated by stories about Klis, a town of a great historic importance. Visit the impressive Vranjača cave and learn about archeologic sites dating from the Neolithic. Relax at pleasant 15 degrees Celsius (59 F), far from the city and summer heat.

Rock climbing – Try climbing in Split and around Split. Let yourself be mesmerized by the most beautiful view of Split, Hvar, Omiš and nearby islands. Awaken that adventurer, put yourself in expert hands of our instructors and enjoy one of the best climbing grounds in Europe – Paklenica National Park.

Cycling trips -Riding a bike will give you a special urge to explore. Marjan Hill will offer you an amazing view of Split and the islands. Cetina will reward you with landscapes you will never forget. Finally, E-bike Island Šolta is an ideal program for those who want it all: beautiful nature, crystal clear sea, Dalmatian delicacies and home-made wine.

Sailing -If you love sea and enjoy it, our sailing programs are perfect for you. An exciting mix of nature, beautiful beaches, secluded coves, Dalmatian food and wine will keep you enchanted from Split to Dubrovnik. Let’s go sailors!

Zipline in cetina canyon – If you are looking for a right dose of adrenaline, join us on an incredible three-hour fun-filled activity which will satisfiy even the most demanding thrill junkies.

River rating on Cetina – Join us on one of the most popular adventures on Cetina river – whitewater rafting

Stand up paddle in Split – Take a SUP Board and enjoy every beach, bay and cove! Have a new experience at sea. Give it a try. Beginners are also welcome.

Wine and culinary tours –For all those for whom a good vacation is nothing without good food, exquisite olive oil, wine and other delicacies, these programs are a perfect match. Become a Dalmatian for a day and try cooking one of Dalmatian specialities in our cooking class. These programs offer a true gastro-adventure, so join us!


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