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Our playground in Dalmatia!

Brac -Covered in vineyards and olive growes dotted in white sheep grazing, with its long tradition in stone carving and fish processing, this is the island where new and old meet. And no one can say there isnt plenty to see and do!

Solta -With its tipical Mediteranin climat, mild winters and hot summers, Solta is bursting with vegetation and wild life (over 100 species of birds, rabbits, wild boars), its mainland covered in vineyards and olive grows,  provides the perfect setting for an unforgettable adventure.

Drvenik Veli and Drvenik Mali – together with  surrounding islets make a perfect playground for all nature lovers seeking an adventure out there on the water!

Hvar – The sunny island of Hvar is well known for its good weather, great nightlife and breathtaking unspoiled nature.

Vis – Todays Vis is tipical Dalmatian island with picturesqe fishermans villages on the coast and the inland covered in vineyards, bursting with vegetation and wildife, it`s surrounding providing manny opportunities for an exciting vacation – with a touch of  mistery.