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Created just for you and your passions!

Born and raised here, we’ve spent our lives experiencing Croatia from cycling the dreamy medieval hills of Istria to kayaking the wild beauty that is Palaguza island.  Although adventure and roughing it is our passion, lots of people like to enjoy a bit of luxury along with their passion.

There are now so many wonderful boutique hotels, fabulous family-run konobas (small intimate restaurants) and terrific gastronomy, wine and agro-tourism experiences (like picking olives and watching them become liquid gold on the island of Solta in November!) we’re able to create a personal Croatian experience uniquely suited to your passions—a dream vacation that lets you enjoy a en suite spa as well as work up a sweat.

With more than a decade creating a network of travel professionals here in Croatia,   we pride ourselves on having the “inside scoop” of what’s really fun to do and who are the people we can count on to make sure our guests have a great time.

Roughing it, luxury, a little of both

So whether you love to kayak, bike, hike, climb or sail, we can create exactly the kind of vacation that combines some or all of these experiences with as much roughing it or luxury you crave.

Experiencing adventure in Croatia is only part of the joy….the country’s rich cultural and historical heritage is unsurpassed.  From Diocletian’s 1,700 year-old palace in Split, which still has more than 3,000 people living inside its walls, to the astonishing natural wonder of Plitvice Lakes National Park—just two of the eleven UNESCO World Heritage sites in Croatia!

Our love for Croatian traditions, as well as our personal experience enjoying as much of this country as possible, we’re eager to share every secret find!


Let’s begin!

We’ve created a special form to get you and us excited about your dream vacation.

Just fill it out, copy and paste it and send it to:


How many people:


How many children (please tell us their ages):

Ideal vacation dates:

What city and country will you be coming from:
(we can help advise you on the best routing so maybe you can spend some time in Venice or London or Milan before flying here!)

Tell us your kind of adventure: (sea kayaking, bike, hike, sail…etc.)

What is you skill level : (beginner, advanced, experienced , etc.)

OK, the tough question:  what kind of vacation experiences would you like to combine into one dream vacation?
(use our website and your creativity to mix and match everything from biking, sailing and other adventure to historical/cultural, meeting locals, wine/gastronomy, being alone in nature, sitting on a beach reading a book, etc.  Feel free to tell us anything and everything!)

How do you like to spend the night: (under the stars, boutique luxury hotel, hostel, guest house, 3 star hotel, etc.)

What’s your budget, per day: (lodging, food, travel, touring)

Anything else we should know? (special diets, activities, etc.)

If you want to Skype with us, what is your Skype:
(leave blank if you want us to get back to you with e mail first, lots of time to Skype later!)


Ok, cut and paste and send your dream vacation to:

And we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can!