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Croatia multiday programs

Nowadays when the world is spinning faster than ever multiday trips seem to have become luxury for most people in terms of one’s free time. Our programs are ballanced so that you are not so much focused on time but rather feel as moving through a kaleidoscope of events and places in a continous motion with just enough opportunities for physical effort, lovely dinner in a friendly ambience or reflections over a cup of coffee in a little square and insight on the local life.

Of course, by choosing the kind of program you expose yourselves to certain (level and/or combination of) activities, landscapes, taverns, guides…and we are happy to make it happen by showing you the places where we passionately like going ourselves. Once we are set in motion, we provide you with a password for discovering and experiencing „our world“ and we do it together when kayaking along stunning cliffs on one and open horizon on the other side, sailing in maestral wind to just another beautiful island ahead hiding forgotten and maybe true legends and turbulent history behind the facade of its shores, mountains, church towers and main squares.

Set in a beautiful Mediterranean surrounding of Dalmatia/Croatia our trips vary from lighter ones orientated to leisure travelling whether onboard a sailboat or moderate hikes to more strenuous adventures such as long distance cycling and hiking or rock climbing.

And of course, all of these trips can be customised to suit your desires within the range of real possibilites in the field but nevertheless we always see and welcome them as new and inspiring challenges for our team as well.

Multi day sea kayaking – Touch and feel the nature from the marine side. Enjoy the sea, the islands, the scent of Dalmatian plants. Choose one of our kayaking programs. Let yourself be carried away by an exciting kayaking adventure.

Self-guided cycling tours – Embark on a biking adventure from Split to Dubrovnik. Nothing feels as beautiful than breathing in the beauty of Dalmatia and enjoying the history, nature, food and wine. Choose one of our programs and discover just why a biking adventure around Dalmatia is so rewarding .

Multi-activity adventures – Feel the land, sea and wind. Embark on a 7-day adventure from Split to Dubrovnik. History, architecture, untouched nature, vineyards, crystal clear turquoise sea, exquisite food, wine made of unique varieties, fit for the gods – all these make a great invitation to Dalmatia. New experiences and new memories await you every day.

The Story of Odysseus – For all those who love history, architecture, ancient Greece, myths and legends, we created this unusual journey – we will follow in Ulysses’ footsteps and paths. The wind carried him from one island to another, from one shore to another and he always searched for an adventure. Do the same, join us on our quest for the unknown and the undiscovered, the ancient and the long forgotten. Learn just why our islands are so connected to Ulysses, step back in time and find out what he found here.

Overnight sailing trips – Spend 2-6 days on a private sailing tour, soak up the sun, enjoy some downtime with your friends and family or turn this into a romantic adventure. Sea, islands, history, lavender fields, wine and food will make your trip memorable. Ride the waves of joy!

Multi day rock climbing – Rock climbing lovers and beginners can opt for an interesting program and climbing school. Satisfy that human desire and enjoy nature from the top.

Triathlon Camps Croatia – Are you in shape? Prove it to yourself and take the challenge of our triathlon programs. Build your strength in the Adriatic sea surrounded by beautiful nature.

Customized/Bespoke tours – Create your own stay in Dalmatia. Everything your family, friends and yourself are passionate about, let us know. We will tailor a tour to your needs and wishes and complete it with accommodation, amazing food and wines. Discover the magic of our Dalmatia, her challenges and beauty. It will take your breath away.