Canyoning on the Cetina River is the best adventure trip you can find in this area. The canyon is situated near the Zadvarje village in the countryside of Omiš. In some places the canyon cliffs rise up to 180 meters high. The canyon has two levels which are separated with the river’s biggest waterfall, Velika Gubavica, with the impressive height of 50 meters. The 2 km long canyon is characterized by the extraordinary lateral limestone cliffs that form it. The bottom of the canyon is covered by amazing rock formations that the river has been creating over thousands of years. This special place has crystal clear pools and numerous rapid slides.


Basic canyoning Join us on this amazing tour. This is an adventure for everybody! Combine walking, hiking, swimming, whitewater rafting, all the while surrounded by beautiful nature and the highest waterfall of the river Cetina. Be an expert, not a tourist

Extreme canyoningExtreme canyoneering is the best adventure in Croatia. This tour also combines hiking, swimming crystal clear Cetina river, whitewater rafting, walking through tunnels and rappelling beside 55 m waterfall. If you are looking for a true adventure, we are waiting for you.

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