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Marjan hill

Split is Croatia’s second largest city, with more than 200,000 residents—as well as the largest city and unofficial “capital” of Dalmatia.  Founded by the Roman emperor Diocletian, who built his walled summer “palace” here around 300AD, it’s famous all over the world as a UNESCO World Heritage site.  Originally built to house the emperor’s family and military guard, the palace today has as many people living inside its ancient walls as did during Diocletian’s time.  The smooth marble streets and winding back alleys make the palace a unique place to walk and experience not only Split’s Roman heart, but the legacy of all who followed.  Layered literally on top of each other, the old town is an ensemble of not only gorgeous Roman architecture, but Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Venetian and more.  Enjoy the fish market, the wonderful open air Green Market;  the city’s waterfront promenade, the Riva, Bacvice beach, lots of local restaurants and bar/club/dance scene that starts at midnight and ends when the sun comes up!.  With its gorgeous setting, rich cultural heritage and natural surroundings. Split is a perfect destination for a memorable adventure vacation.

Our office is also part of the city’s history.  It’s located on a street just inside the north wall of the Palace filled with cafes, restaurants and even an art gallery.  We look forward to meeting you!


The Dalmatian islands

Croatia is an island paradise—more than 1200 of them!  Living here of course, we believe that our Dalmatian islands are the best, and travel writers, adventurers, famous bloggers and millions who have vacationed here all agree!  Here are a few of the most beautiful pearls in the Dalmatian island necklace where CroActive Holidays has adventure programs:


Brac  -covered in vineyards and olive groves; dotted in white sheep grazing, with its long tradition of stone carving and fishing,  this is the island where new and old meet. Famous for one of the most photographed beaches in the world. (Bol), Brac is an island both locals and travelers alike come back to again and again.


Solta – the island of olives, honey and wine, Solta is the closest island to Split, but only has 1,500 year round residents!  Bursting with vegetation and wild life (over 100 species of birds, rabbits, wild boars), with 22 bays and network of bicycle routes, Solta provides the perfect setting for an unforgettable adventure vacation.


Drvenik Veli and Drvenik Mali – together with  surrounding islets, these twins, which draw lots of day trippers to experience fabulous swimming in the “Blue Lagoon”,  make a perfect playground for all nature lovers seeking an adventure out there on the water!


Hvar – “one of the top 10 island destinations in the world” according to Conde Nast Traveler magazine, the lavender island of Hvar is the most famous Dalmatian island—know for its Renaissance old town, great wine and cuisine, fabulous nightlife and breathtaking unspoiled nature which includes a UNESCO World Heritage site in Stari Grad, the island’s main ferry port.


Vis -known as Isssa, when the Greeks used it to colonize and then rule Dalmatia in the 4thC BC, Vis was closed to the public after WW2 and used as a military base until 1986.  As a result, the island, just 60 miles off the Italian coast, retained its wild heart and today its remoteness, rugged coast and unspoiled natural beauty is a magnet for travelers who crave an off-the-beaten-path, authentic experience..


Korculaclose to Dubrovnik, across from the gertile wine-growing area of the Peljesac peninsula, this fabled island is the legendary home of Marco Polo.  The old town, a walker’s delight, is high Renaissance art and architecture at its finest.  There’s more here than the old town, 45km away is Vela Luka  (“big harbor”), the main ferry port.  High above the town an open air cave was discovered that is more than 20,000 years old and is open for visitors.  Korcula is also famous for its moreska dance, using real swords, the country’s best white wine (Posip), an annual International Baroque Festival and much more!